Saturday, April 14, 2012

Spring 2012 Anime

So the only thing I ended up watching last season was Mirai Nikki... And that didn't even start last season, it started the season before. So anyway, hopefully I'll be able to watch a little more this season. Let's see what's on the menu, shall we?

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Shiba Inuko-san: ... Teacher's Pet, the anime?

Kimi to Boku: Didn't see the first season. Might check it out though.

Medaka Box: Looks like the generic fanservice anime of the season. No thanks.

Sankarea: A new zombie anime? Hmm...

Accel World: I'll admit, I'm kind of interested in this one. And I really like that fat kid in the image for it.

Nazo no Kanojo X: Looks interesting... I like the art style.

AKB0048: What even is this, why is it the number one anticipated anime of the season according to

Hyouka: Kyoani? Yeah, I'm watching this.

Fate/Zero Part 2: Sorry, I'm not a big Type-Moon fan.

So yeah, looks like there might be a few good anime this season. I'm really excited about Hyouka since I'm a huge kyoani fan. Anything look good to you guys?

Oh, also I want this so bad.


  1. What's kind of sad is that the typical fanservice anime probably gets the highest ratings. No matter how bad it is. Enjoy your anime though, it's been far too long since I watched some.

  2. Interesting anime-list, I might check a few of them out.

  3. Quite the list, seems like you'll have plenty to watch

  4. That will take a while to watch.

  5. I find it hilarious Thomas the Train engine is getting dubbed in Japanese. Hated that show as a kid...

  6. Isnt AKB0048 a girl band, so they have their own anime now?

  7. I kind of like some of the anime movies I've seen. Never had the time to commit to watching a whole series, though.

  8. None of them really appeal to me I'm afraid. :P

  9. That's a lot of watching lol

  10. Never watch it yet! and that's a lot... hehe

  11. I don't watch any anime, but I'm glad that you have lots to watch, if you want to.