Thursday, August 30, 2012

Guild Wars 2

As no doubt a lot of you know, Guild Wars 2 was released this week and it has quickly become one of the most popular MMO's of all time. Since I've been playing a lot of it this week I figured I'd take this opportunity to show off my character.

I'm only a level 7 elementalist right now, but hopefully that will improve in due time. So do any of you guys play? If you want to add me to your friend list my name is Content Hedgehog (of course) and I play on the Ferguson's Crossing server. Hope to see you in-game!

P.S. Glad to hear I'm not the only blogger who's a fan of Game Grumps. :D

Monday, August 27, 2012

Man, sorry for the lack of updates this month

I've had some bad writer's block recently. Plus I haven't watched any movies, finished any anime, or beat any games, so I haven't been able to write any reviews either. I have, on the other hand, been watching a lot of these videos:

I don't know why I keep watching them. It's basically two guys just dicking around while playing video games, but it's so addicting. So yeah, hopefully the next post will be a little more substantial. Content Hedgehog, out.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Anime Review: Sankarea

This anime... so much wasted potential... The entire anime they made it seem like they were leading up to something but then nothing happened. I will say that the anime was based off a manga which is still in production, so I understand that as long as they were going by the source they couldn't have had a definitive ending, but still I wish it did.

Anyone remember the blog post where I first introduced this anime? I'll continue where I left off from there. Anyway, the girl ends up turning into a zombie and basically all of the main character guy's wishes come true. Except he doesn't do anything about it because he's a pansy.

About half way through the anime they start hinting at something deeper, most notably that the zombie girl has a taste for blood. They could have done so much with this! She could have turned against the main character, or she could have gone on a rampage and the main character could have had to stop her, but no! Nothing happens!

As the series goes on there's a lot of forced drama involving the girl and her parents. Some of it is kind of interesting, and it actually has you wanting to know what happens next most of the time. Unfortunately if you're anything like me your expectations will be dashed and you'll be left with a disappointing ending. So that sums up what I thought about the story. Animation-wise it was okay. Nothing special. Sound, characters... meh. I give Sankarea a 6/10.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Getting back to the 30 Day Drawing Challenge: Day 18

Day 18: Just a Doodle

Hey, remember when this was a thing? Yeah, me neither. Anyway, I couldn't think of anything to draw for this one, so I asked my girlfriend and she told me to draw a park. So here it is, a doodle of a park. Although I'm not sure this qualifies as a doodle...