Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Video Game Log

Some friends and I were talking about which games we have today and which games we own that we have left to beat.  A couple of us decided that our backlogs were so large it would just be easier to make a list.  I've been totally lacking on blog posts after not posting a single thing last month, so I figured I'd post mine here.  Anyway, here it goes.

Games completed this year:
- New Super Mario Bros 2 (Regular Mario game, nothing special but still fun)
- Kingdom Hearts 3D (Possibly my least favorite KH game, mainly because of the terrible story) 
- Kid Icarus: Uprising (Loved the music and overall presentation, bogged down by sloppy controls)
- Psychonauts (Very interesting game, great concept although gameplay was a little choppy)
- Sonic Adventure 2 HD (Still one of my favorite games ever)
- Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 2 (Better engine than episode 1, poor level design, combo moves with Tails could essentially break the game)
- Super Mario Galaxy 2 (Some of the hidden star missions were ridiculously frustrating, but not too bad of a game)
- Ghost Trick (Best story I've read in years, loved this game)
- Back to the Future: The Game (Thoroughly enjoyed it, I wish this game got more attention than it did)
- Braid (Fun to play, but I didn't bother with finding the hidden stars)

 Games I currently own that I haven't beat:
- Black Mesa Source (What I played of it was fun, but I'm not a big fan of FPS's in the first place)
- NiGHTS into dreams HD (I get the feeling this game hasn't aged very well...)
- Space Channel 5: Part 2 (Just got this one, haven't had much time to play it yet)
- Jet Set Radio (The controls make this game frustrating as hell, I don't know why everyone who's played this game likes it so much, although maybe it's just because I have the PS3 version.)
- Jak II (watch a cutscene, do an aggravating mission, watch a cutscene, do an aggravating mission, etc...)
- From Dust (cool idea but pretty dull in practice)
- inFAMOUS (fun to play, but sort of grimdark and edgy)
- Katawa Shoujo (got through act 1, lost interest)
- Eternal Sonata (FREAKING TUBA)
- Tales of Graces f (sort of trying to save this one to play with friends)
- New Super Mario Bros Wii U (See Tales of Graces f)