Friday, May 17, 2013

Cuz Buzz

Want to watch me play video games with my cousin Mike while we maybe have somewhat humorous(probably not) discussions? Come check out our new youtube show: Cuz Buzz, the show where we judge games whilst buzzing about them.


  1. That's a pretty good take on the whole "let's play" thing and Kirby's Dreamland is a good place to start. It's a fun little game.

  2. I actually never played the original, but got 100% of everyting in the 2nd game.

  3. Great game indeed, cuzz buzz could be a hit

  4. ha its funny how easy old school games appear now that we're older and used to playing all this crazy high tech stuff nowadays.

  5. Doing a Game Grumps/Two Best Friends play sort of thing I see. Not sure you want to use a Nintendo game. You heard about how they're going to take a large portion of ad profits from videos using any of their games now right?

    1. Yeah, I did hear about that. We're not really doing it for money though, mainly just for fun. Although if we got popular and actually did start making some money, that would be a different story, lol...

  6. will be back later to watch the video

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  8. Hey! I remember viewing this blog ages ago,

    I am back now after quitting for ages., Hope you check out my blog too!

    Hope to see you around :)

  9. thats a hilarous ms paint style intro
    but you really need some practice with kirby because it's seriously not as hard as you made it out to be