Sunday, December 27, 2015

Just Claus 2 - Content Free Time

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Crafting Mines

Decided to try out some animating.  I know it's a little sloppy, but it still took like 30+ hours.  Let me know what you think.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

What Works in Scary Video Games - Content Free Time

Friday, October 9, 2015

Top 10 Video Game Soundtracks

Monday, September 21, 2015

Why We Love Mario

New video on what we like about Mario games.

I think I've made better videos, but I really wanted to get a Mario video out to go with the release of Super Mario Maker.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

I'm back!

Right, so, I think I'm going to start updating this blog again.  I have a new Youtube channel and domain name at, so if you're interested, go check that out.  Here's an example video from the channel:

Anyway, if you're still here for some reason, I'd appreciate if you left a comment. Sorry for the lack of updates for like... 2 years? And I hope you'll enjoy the return of my blog! Thanks for reading.