Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Video Game Review: Catherine

At first glance, Catherine is just another silly anime-themed puzzle game. However, this game does have a few neat features that give it the competitive "edge." Dohoho. People who have played the game will get that joke... Anyway, like many puzzle games, Catherine becomes addicting as hell after the first couple of rounds. Unlike most puzzle games, it has a story that is presented with beautiful visuals in both 3D modeled and 2D anime-style cutscenes. It's also ridiculous.

You play as a psychologically disturbed man named Vincent who is cheating on his fiance, Katherine, with a crazy psycho-bitch also named Catherine (that's Catherine with a "C"). Coming from the makers of Persona, Catherine also has you living a relatively normal life during the day, but at night is when things get crazy. Vincent's nightmares are all about climbing blocks. Also sheep. But mostly blocks. There are about 2-4 block towers to climb per night, with a boss chasing you up the tower during the last puzzle for the night. That sh*t gets insane. Anyway, there's a demo out for the game on both Xbox live and PSN, so go log in and try it. I give Catherine a 9/10. And one more thing... that butt...


  1. game of the year, it has everything, puzzles, sex, humor, creppy shit, moral system, the option to cheat on your annoying girlfriend, EVERYTHING.

  2. Really want to play this but don't let your girlfriend know about it or she'll question your morals.

  3. Meh, I don't have to worry about his morals, if I didn't suck so much at video games, I would play it. Maybe he should be worried about me :P